Niteroi & Niemeyer Route

On the other side of Guanabara Bay we can find the city of Niteroi. Nicknamed "The Smile City" (Cidade Sorriso), it is just a short ferry ride from downtown Rio across Guanabara Bay or just drive through the longest bridge in Brazil, the Ponte Rio-Niterói; just like the name says it connects both cities. It´s 13 km (8 mi) long. In fact you may encounter plenty of reasons to smile about: many beautiful beaches (within the bay or facing the open ocean), historic forts and a world-class museum. Besides, Niteroi is scheduled to become in a near future the place with the largest number of works from renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer - second only to the entire Brazilian capital, Brasilia. Visit the Niemeyer route, with the Popular Theater, The Memorial and the Contemporary Art Museum. This intriguing building looks like a flying saucer jutting out over the sea. Parque da Cidade - An amazing view of Rio de Janeiro (city). It is in the top of a mountain in the neighborhood 'Charitas'.

4-5 hours tour -

1-4 People in a car- USD 200

5-8 People in a van - USD 300

9-14 People in a van - USD 400

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