Jewish Tour

The Jewish presence in Rio de Janeiro started at the time of the first Portuguese navigators in the 1500´s. Since then, the Israelite immigration was constant, mainly thanks to the encouragement of a great admirer of the Jewish culture, no one less than the emperor D. Pedro II. In the words of the great Brazilian historian Adolfo Varnhagen, "The Jews were the pioneers in the struggle for the Brazilian independence. Their valuable contribution, their tenacity of ‘chosen people’, of persecuted people, was the foundation whereupon the flag teeming with the hope of Freedom from the yoke of the mother-country was placed".

Following the example in many cities in the world, you can visit the main attractions of the Jewish heritage in Rio de Janeiro, presented by expert tourist guides.

The tour begins with a visit to the Synagogue ARI (Associação Religiosa Israelita), aligned with the Reform and Conservative movements and Park Itzhak Rabin, inaugurated by Lea, his wife, with privileged views over Botafogo beach and Sugar Loaf.

On the way to Downtown, see Chaim Weitzman Square, a public school named after Anne Frank and the neighborhood of Catete, where resident Jews formerly established thriving furniture commerce. Then, a visit to the Jewish Museum and the Grand Temple, a beautiful building from 1932. In Copacabana, we see the Club Israelita Brasileiro and in Leblon you will see the Beit Lubavitch Synagogue and the Midrash Cultural Center.

This tour can be add to a full day tour

3 hours tour -

1-4 People in a car- USD 200

5-8 People in a van - USD 300

9-14 People in a van - USD 400

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